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Articulating Magic Arm with Friction - Stainless Steel

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Friction Magic Arm was exclusively designed from the ground up. Every section of the 'Tough' Arms were improved over other existing arms on the market. The stainless steel accents and black anodized finish provide both a professional aesthetic and an extremely long lasting durable finish. The three independent joints allow you to quickly change it's position with a single locking knob. Between the locking knob is a thrust bearing that assists to make locking easier, and stronger. The middle joint uses specially patterned teeth that locks into place preventing slippage from even the heaviest loads.

An o-ring prevents contaminants keeping the 'Tough' Friction Arms working smoothly. The ball joints are made from durable Stainless steel with a specially micro textured surface to increase grip rate by more than 36% above other similar products on the market. The friction arm has two 1/4" male threads that can attach to many standard photo and video accessories including lights, portable audio recorders, wireless audio recievers, LCD monitors, and more. The 'Tough' Friction Arm comes with a female coupler to attach to another male thread. It is a perfect accessory to use with the Tank Video Cage.