Fotomate Panoramic Gimbal Bracket Kit

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This Professional Panorama Kit consists of panoramic tripod head and panoramic gimbal bracket. It facilitates panoramic shots and multiple shots to be stitched together that do not need to crop out the thing that you want in there. It is good device for photographers who like making professional panoramic shoot.


Panoramic Tripod Head: Allows the operator setting 2 different angles of rotation: 15° and 24° ( respectively equivalent to 24 and 15 shoots, and there will be click sound when you swivel the head by 15° or 24°every time, so you just need to focus on the landscapes instead of eyeing on the scales ) spanning 360 degrees rotation using the engraved, graduated scale markings for reference. Bottom hole is 1/4".

Panoramic Gimbal Bracket: This gimbal bracket consists of three parts - Two quick-release plants and a fixed plant with graduated disc. With the fixed plant, one QR plant can be installed on horizontal and vertical position and can rotate the camera around its center of gravity, when the mounting plate lock lever is locked, the quick release system could be adjustable for 360¡ã based on graduated disc, that achieve shoot in any angle on the three dimensions. Moreover, there are two build-in spirit level and scales on QR plants.

Included a special Aluminum suitcase with sponge to protect this Professional Panorama Kit.

What's in the box

1 x Panoramic head
1 x Aluminum alloy suitcase