Kamerar ZOOM iPhone 7 Plus Lens Kit - Black

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Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit


During the last few months, we've been working around the clock on our latest project. We've finally reached the end of development and we're extremely excited to share some information with you. We are proud to announce that we’ve completed development for the first twin lens solution for the iPhone 7 Plus!

We are now ready to introduce you to the world's first dual lens system: The patent pending Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit! ZOOM comes with 2 sets of lenses: the Fisheye/Telephoto lens and the Macro Zoom lens.

We have teamed up with Ztylus Innovation to develop the ZOOM Lens Kit. Ztylus applied their expertise in developing the optics, while the we designed the housing for the lens kit.

Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit


Installation of the case and lens is easy! Just snap the case onto your phone and slide the lens of your choice into the Kamerar ZLK -7PLUS case. The Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit offers full body protection and allows for full access to all of your ports.

Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit

The Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit comes with 2 sets of lenses:
the Macro Zoom lens and the Fisheye/Telephoto lens.

Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit
Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit


With the overwhelming popularity of the Macro lens, we provide the unique ability to zoom and get extreme close-up detail. Use the Macro Zoom lens with both lenses on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit
Kamerar ZOOM Lens Kit


With the Fisheye and Telephoto lenses, you can greatly extend your optical focal length range and capture a variety of shots that you couldn't achieve with just your phone.


Lens Design Field of View Magnification Ratio
Macro Zoom 2 Elements
2 Groups
n/a 10X
Fisheye Lens 3 Elements
3 Groups
160° 0.35X
Telephoto Lens 4 Elements
4 Groups
30° 1.5X