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Lenspen DSLR Pro Kit

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The LensPen ProPak 1 Cleaning Collection contains five items that will help you keep most any optic clean and free from dust, dirt, grime and fingerprints.

The LP-1 LensPen should be an indispensable addition to your gear bag. This compact accessory can help remove fingerprints and grime from your valuable optics. This is a safe and easy to use unit that comes with a retractable brush. It contains a non-liquid cleaning element.

This cleaning tool is specifically designed for the cameras found on most cell phones. It removes dirt, grime and grease marks. The compound found on the tip will not spill or ever dry out. It's a non-toxic substance that is safe for all kinds of displays including multi-coated surfaces.

Another tool that can be used to clean the small digital glass on cameras, phones and other PDAs. This item contains a cleaning tip that is triangular in size to help clean into the corners of small glass like phone screens.

MiniPro II
This tool contains a very retractable fine brush. It also features a safe-to-use chamois tip. The carbon-based cleaning compound used will not spill or dry out. The MiniPro II was specifically designed to fit into the cases of today's smaller digital cameras cases.

This is cleaning cloth for general use with larger digital cameras ((DSLRs). It can also be used on CDs, DVDs computers, instruments and cell phones. It is also recommended for jewelry, glassware and crystal.