Profoto B1 500 Air Location Kit

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B1 500 Air Battery Powered 2 Lights Location Kit from Profoto consists of two B1 500 off-camera, battery powered AirTTL flash heads, a 4.5A Fast Battery Charger, car charger and a custom location backpack. Add an optional Air Remote TTL-C, Air Remote or Air Sync for wireless triggering from distances up to 1,000'.


There are many flashes out there that can be placed off-camera. But there is only one B1 off-camera flash. No other flash will make it as easy to take the flash off your camera, while at the same time providing you with such creative freedom.

B1 Michael Mueller Off-Camera Flash
B1 With TTL David Bicho


Attach the Air Remote TTL to your camera's hot shoe to merge camera and flash into one. Then point and shoot, and the B1 will automatically adjust its light output to provide you with the perfect exposure. It is as easy as it sounds.


The B1 is powered by an exchangeable, high-capacity battery that is integrated with the flash. Combine that with an Air Remote TTL and experience the freedom that comes with shooting without power cables or sync cords.

B1 Without Cords Michael Mueller
B1 With Power Carrera Richard Walch


Ten times as powerful as the average speedlight, the B1 enables you to overpower the sun on a sunny day as well as light up larger backgrounds and areas. Having that much power also allows you to add Light Shaping Tools to create a beautiful, soft light even in bright conditions.


At lower power settings the B1 will blast away up to twenty flashes per second. But speed also equals short flash duration. In other words, the B1 will provide a much shorter flash duration than a speedlight set to the same output.

B1 With Speed David Bicho
B1 With Light Shaping Tools Karolina Henke


Choose from more than 120 Light Shaping Tools and shape the B1's already beautiful light into almost any light you can imagine. Explore Profoto's unique Zoom Function and make fine-tune adjustments by simply sliding the tool back and forth on the B1.