Ricoh Theta S 360° Spherical Camera

360° Spherical Camera

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Ricoh Theta S 360° Spherical Camera

High-spec model that captures all of the surprises and beauty from 360°.

Beauty as far as the eye can see, and a breathtaking sense of presence making you feel you are "right there, right now".
From still images to long movies (max. 25 minutes long), record your memories in a vivid, high resolution 360° world.
The new RICOH THETA S gives you even higher quality and performance.

Milky Way from an Norikura Observatory in Mt. Marishiten-dake, Japan -

Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

At the beach in Japan -
Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

*1 Data is recorded in full HD (1920×1080) resolution, but the resolution of spherical videos when viewed differs depending on the type of display or display magnification.

Further expanding the possibilities of 360° photography.
Equipped with even more advanced functions.

HD Live ストリーミングShare all the surprises of the world of video in real time. 360° images can now be streamed live!

Live ビューCheck the exposure and white balance while shooting using the dedicated smartphone app.

長時間露光Shutter speed can be set from 1/6400 sec. to 60 seconds

8GB メモリーStill images: (L) Approx. 1600, (M) approx. 9000. Video (total recording time): (L) approx. 65 minutes, (M) approx. 175 minutes *4

*2 Dual fish-eye output, when connected by USB
*3 When RICOH THETA S basic app is used
*4 Automatic shut down if the internal temperature increases.

Premium & Elegant, Refined body design.

・Injection molding
・Still image/video capture switching button
・44mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 22.9mm (17.9mm *) (D)
・Approx. 125g
THETA S 機体説明

RICOH THETA S is compatible with the new Google Street View app. The app allows you to capture and publish your photo spheres instantly to Google Maps for people all over the world to explore. You can either shoot photo spheres in the app, or connect it to spherical cameras like RICOH THETA S.

Google Street View is here.

12 Megapixels